Villalba Rolls Out Bold Plan To Support, Bolster, and Strengthen First Responder Presence in Dallas

February 26, 2019

DALLAS, TX – Former Texas State Representative and Dallas Mayoral Candidate, Jason Villalba, rolled out his plan to support, bolster, and strengthen first-responder presence in Dallas.

The Dallas Police Department currently employs and deploys approximately 3,000 officers to protect and to serve the City of Dallas. Based on historic metrics and widely-accepted, industry-standard measures, the police force of Dallas should be comprised of at least 3,800 active and deployed police officers. At 3,800 officers, the Dallas Police Department would be able to quickly and effectively respond to priorities 1-4 phone calls at all times.

Based on current coverage standards, Category 1 calls (consisting of direct threats to human life) are fully covered. However, the Department is unable to quickly and efficiently dispatch Category 2-4 calls. Villalba’s plan directly addresses this shortfall and fixes the problem.

Villalba’s plan calls for:

  • Increasing first-responder salaries to $65,000 for all first-year officers or firefighters, with commensurate adjustments for all senior first-responders – through the entire compensation schedule.
  • Supplementing all first-responder health and dental insurance programs to be commensurate with standard private sector health and dental care plans.
  • Providing retention bonuses of between $3,000-$5,000 for each police officer or firefighter who has completed at least three years of service to the Dallas Police Department or Dallas Fire and Rescue, respectively.
  • Shoring up the Dallas First Responder Pension Plan for up to forty years. This would include a cash infusion of up to $500 million to ensure the solvency and strength of the pension plan.

Villalba noted: “The next Mayor of Dallas has a number of complex challenges to address. But the most important duty of city government, and the most important duty of its primary elected official, is to protect the citizenry of the Great City of Dallas.”

Villalba is going to do that – within his first 100 days in office. His bold plan to support our first-responders will ensure that we have enough officers on the street and enough firefighters in the station to protect our families.

To pay for the plan, Villalba has stated that he will be aggressive and in some instances controversial. The plan states that:

There will be savings in training cost expenses as officers determine to stay with the Dallas Police Department. This will assist us in ameliorating the cost of Villalba’s plan.

Additionally, the City of Dallas Budget must be analyzed and in some instances, re-allocated to address the most pressing issue facing the city. Villalba stated “As a former member of the Texas Legislature, I know the challenges that go along with goring the ox of another department. But we have no choice but to ask more from others to shore up the budget for our first responders. For example, if the rapid transit budget has to take a temporary shortfall to protect Dallas residents, we have to do what is necessary.”

With respect to the pension issue, Villalba, during his time in the Texas Legislature, was one of the primary authors of the revised management system. But unless the funding source of the pension is addressed, future shortfalls will remain. Villalba has indicated that “Pension Obligation Bonds are now on the table. I WILL NOT raise sales taxes or property taxes. But if the citizens of Dallas, by vote, determine to shore up the existing pension system with debt, we must diligence that alternative.”

Other candidates for mayor know the issue and pay proper lip service to doing something. Only Jason Villalba has proposed a plan with specifics and analysis.

Villalba closed, “Political rhetoric from well-intentioned, but green and naive, first-time candidates, will not be enough to save our city. If you want smart, tailored, effective, yet thoughtful solutions to big challenges, only I have the requisite skill set to fix the problems we face.”




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