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5 Point Plan

Enough antiquated thinking and divisive politics, Dallas deserves better. It’s time to work together and get stuff done!

Here’s my 5 Point Plan:

1. Reducing Taxes for Seniors. 

In my first act as your Mayor, I will personally draft and have the Texas Legislature file a bill to freeze the property tax rate and amount payable of all current Dallas residents on a fixed income.

2. Infrastructure. 

Recently, our efforts to address this issue have been solely reactive, rather than proactive.  As your Mayor, I will personally engage directly with major private providers of infrastructure services for the city to negotiate with them to proactively engage in updating existing systems.  If they fail to participate in our revitalization campaign voluntarily, then I will ask the City Council to provide compelling positive and negative incentives for these entities to become our partners.

3. Public Safety. 

As your Mayor, I will ensure that our police officers and firefighters receive a competitive wage and that their pension plan is fortified for generations to come.  I will do this by working directly with the city manager, first responders and the Texas Legislature to find a workable compromise ahead of time, rather than at the 11th hour.  As well, I will appoint a committee of the most respected business leaders in town to choose my appointee to the Pension Board, as is required under current law.

4. Southern Sector Revitalization. 

Unless we revitalize the southern sector of Dallas, we will not be able to become the world-class city of our aspirations.  This begins with providing support to Trinity Groves, Bishop Arts and the Design District. Let’s give those who have been successful a helping hand and let’s give those who are aspirational in other parts of the city, the tools they need to succeed. 

5. Dare to Dream. 

Together, we can harness that power to get big things done. Let’s fix our streets, bolster our infrastructure and mend our pension plans, but let’s also shoot for the moon. Five years ago, people said a high speed rail transit system was unrealistic. Today, we are breaking ground for the most advanced system in the country. Have a big idea for Dallas? Let me know here:



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